NEW LIFE BUSINESS INSTITUTE realizes that the average prospective student does not have the financial means to simply "pay for it" when it comes to the educational expenses involved with professional career training. At NEW LIFE BUSINESS INSTITUTE, our desire is to assist each student reach his or her career goals by helping them overcome the financial obstacles that they may face along the way. With this in mind, NLBI makes available a number of financing options that can make the training affordable to practically anyone!

The Financial Aid Office at NEW LIFE BUSINESS INSTITUTE can determine which programs each applicant may qualify for and how much assistance is available. Since the application process can appear to be a complicated maze to the average individual, the professional Financial Aid staff at NEW LIFE BUSINESS INSTITUTE will assist each applicant through the entire process. Each prospective student will have a confidential interview for this purpose, and to answer any questions they may have concerning their eligibility. During this interview, individualized financing arrangements will be made that meets their specific needs.

NEW LIFE BUSINESS INSTITUTE participates in the Title IV Student Financial Assistance programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education, which students may apply for grants and or loans available for those who qualify under federal guidelines.  And, a number of federal, state and local organizations offer a variety of financial help in the form of tuition assistance, scholarships, daycare assistance, transportation assistance, etc.

A few of the funding sources available to qualified applicants include:

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Workforce I
GI Bill
No-Hassle Payment Plans