What Makes NEW LIFE Better than the Rest?

NEW LIFE BUSINESS INSTITUTE offers many advantages over "traditional education" offered by 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities.

Short-Term Education for Long Term Careers
We provide short-term career training programs that ensure students will be “job ready” upon graduation.   NLBI training programs can be completed in approximately 3 to 10 months depending on your chosen field of study.

Training From Experienced Healthcare Professionals
All of our faculty members have many years of practical experience in the health care field.  The NLBI faculty includes healthcare professionals with experience levels from five to fifteen years in the medical industry.

Personalized Attention with Small Class Sizes
The small class sizes at NLBI make our training programs more personalized.  The smaller class sizes provide students as much one-on-one time as necessary with their instructors to insure that each student develops the necessary skill sets in their chosen field.

Day Time, Evening and Weekend Classes Available
Students may choose from a variety of class schedules that will accommodate their work, family or personal schedules.  A significant number of NLBI students are working adults seeking to upgrade their skill sets or start a new career in the medical field.  Our day, evening and weekend class schedules are tailored to fit our students' needs.

Externship Assistance & Job Placement 
NLBI students receive assistance and guidance in resume preparation, job search, interview skills, professional development and career planning.  The Career Services department assists students with externship locations and job placement  assistance upon graduation.

Student Services
In addition, Student Services provides information to currently enrolled students on companies offering temporary or short-term employment to help students with their educational expenses.

Lifetime Employment Placement Assistance
We are interested in your long term success in the medical field and offer Lifetime Employment Placement assistance for NLBI alumni in good standing.  The Career Services department provides assistance with correct and employment-appropriate resume design, proper and professional dress for interviewing, interviewing skills, communication techniques, and assistance with employment search techniques.

Affordable School Tuition & Financial Assistance is Available (if qualified)
Financial Aid assistance is available to all NLBI students.  A number of student loans, government grants, scholarships, tuition assistance, and institutional financial aid programs are available, making the cost of education affordable for practically anyone.

NLBI Maintains an Open Door Policy
The school's administrative offices maintain an open-door policy for any student with a question or concern about their training.